Our growth strategy is built on our employee and consultant talent, innovation and high technology. We aim to meet our objectives by providing to our employees the tools and resources they need to apply their talents.

To promote the professional development of our employees, our human resources policies are anchored in diversify fairness and responsibility.

  • Diversity in term of profile, education and culture, to bring together talent from all background.
  • Fairness through a compensation policy based on individual motivation and performance. Performance has to be understood not as “money generated” but self-accomplishment. We know that projects don’t generate immediate money and we don’t want to penalize our employees for this. Moreover, in another hand, some positions such as assistants don’t generate direct money; basing our individual motivation only on “generated money” would be unfair for such person. We prefer to reward people for their individual grow.
  • Responsibility is one key part of employees’ growth. By responsibility we mean the ability to be responsible of our own actions. We know that everyone is different; some people aspire to manage others while other just wants work in their own cocoon. Taking this in consideration we come to the conclusion that the best way to help people to grow is to provide them the best environment to have the responsibility they are looking for.

Contact information:

PrioTech General Trading LLC
PO Box: 74883, Dubai, U.A.E.
Jumeirah 1, Town Centre Jumeirah Building, BK1.

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