At PrioTech LLC, human resources management is based on fairness, diversity and equal opportunity, employee dialogue and skill development.
The most valuable asset in a company is its members. Our vision of a company is not an impersonal system dedicated only to make easy money; the role of a company is to created links between stakeholders to give to everyone the best working environments and then make possible to all the individual talent to express itself and then produce the best possible work to reach our common goal. Without human, a company cannot exist. Long time ago a famous French writer, Mr. Moliere, wrote: “One should eat to live, not live to eat”. Behind this simple quote from “the Miser”, Moliere gave to his and next generation a wise advice. People doesn’t have to live exclusively for being used by immaterial entity such as companies, but instead has to use this immaterial entity to grow and live and then participate to establish a better world around him. The true power in inside each of us and at PrioTech LLC, we aim to help to develop this philosophy for everybody’s best interests.
We are taking time to consider each case individually. Even if we have no position to offer, we try to better know the person who contacts us. Even if it happens that now we cannot work together that doesn’t mean that in the future situation will not change. We consider a duty to always keep good relations with the people who took time to better know us and contact us.
Our values are based on mutual trust; this clearly means that if we think that our stakeholders are trying to present themselves for what they are not, we will definitively exclude them from our network. PrioTech LLC works only with reliable and innovative stakeholders.

We think that diversity gives different versions for more appropriate action. This diversity helps us to bring together individual talents and propose innovative alternatives or solutions.
At PrioTech LLC, promoting diversity means tackling all form of discrimination by being open to different socioeconomic background and promoting equal opportunity in employment.

Employee Relations
Developing employee relations and direct dialogue between employee and management at any time is a cornerstone of our human resources policies. Our managers know how important is to listen and help their teams to create an environment conductive to the development of everyone.
We think that if a single small annoyance is ignored, it can be the germ of a more important issue. We want to bring to our employees the same as we want bring to the world.

Consultants Relations
We are very flexible and we respect the choices our consultants make for their careers. We always support them and we focus on their working conditions. To achieve this, we emphasis on communication between our consultants, our partners and us. We know that everyone is unique and has its own way to express itself. We are carefully listening them and provide them all the necessary support.

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